Kate Piastowicz, landscape architect

Kate Piastowicz 

Founder & Director

MA Landscape Architecture

BA Visual Arts 

Welcome, and thank you for taking time to visit K Studio Landscape Architecture & Garden Design website. 

Landscape design is not only a job I enjoy, it’s first and foremost my passion.

Since I remember, art was always a major part of my life. I was a creative kid with curious scientific and engineering mind who loved nature and everything about it. So, choosing a career as a landscape architect was a result of organic growth of my interest in the aesthetics and relations between art, nature, human and their environment. 


As a student I delved into world of landscape architecture and loved every inch of it. Gaining knowledge and understating the impact of all the aspects of how our natural environment has on our everyday life, I couldn’t be more passionate and impatient to start ‘changing the world’. I started designing gardens for family and friends and spent every summer volunteering and working for garden design and landscaping companies.  It was a great way to gain experience and knowledge in the field. 


But there was something more than just gardens that made me love what I do. I long for change that makes the place where we live, better and greener. I believe that change needs to influence on a much bigger scale, making our towns and cities escape the picture of concrete jungles. Therefore, I participated in many student programs and projects promoting public realm regeneration. In 2008 I was honoured to win The Best School Garden Design in Lublin District for my voluntary project for Primary School's in Ozarow Village, inspired by novel - "Adventures of Robinson Crusoe''. It was great fun, but an even greater pleasure seeing all the kids happy and excited about their new place that they would get to enjoy.  

Just before attaining my master’s degree I started working for a spatial planning company, where I put my knowledge into practise as a specialist for natural environment and sustainable development.   

After finishing my degree, I decided to pursue my career further by coming to the UK. I knew that there would be no better place to explore my chosen subject than here, given the country's rich history and beautiful scenery.

After 10 years of practicing in London, which was a great journey, that equipped me with many new experiences and knowledge, I decided it was time for a new challenge. That is why in 2019 I have started K Studio.

As a company we will continue to bring great landscape design that works for and with people and the environment. 



Love The Landscape & Smile 

Kate Piastowicz