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Visualisation of red and green town square in Radom
Visualisation of Public realm space concept with sitting areas, lawns, trees and planting areas
Vibrant red street furniture concept in public square
contemporary concept layout of town square
section and planting in public square
elevation of public square planting
concept of cultural mural about art in public town square


Radom, Poland


by K Studio 


The revitalisation of Margaret’s Square in the centre of Radom Town in Poland, aims to bring back to life this degrading public space through the creation of a vibrant, multifunctional square that becomes the first contemporary project in Radom and creates a stamp of modern trends in public realm scheme. The design concept is based on almost literal take on a visual aspect of typical living room. All elements are closed within bold colour scheme that flows through all design aspects. Whole concept is strongly rooted in local heritage to exclaim place identity.

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