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K Studio has extensive experience in preparing landscape design proposals for new developments, which allows us to be adventurous and bold within the boundaries of planning applications. The key to attaining planning approval is to include accurate and sufficient information. We cover all aspects of landscape schemes regarding hard and soft landscaping, from analysis and assessment through to general plans and detailed specifications.

landscaping conditions boards part of the project package

We provide detailed documentation and accompanying visuals (e.g. drawings, plans, elevation views, 3D visualisations, photographs) according to the project scope and landscaping conditions that need to be discharged. Each Landscaping Scheme prepared by K Studio starts with a comprehensive site assessment, which helps to identify existing landscape character and setting, analyse existing flora and fauna as well as ecological and cultural significance.

​Once we have an understanding of the space and its constraints and opportunities we prepare conceptual landscape design and outline programwhere general spatial arrangement, proposed materials and plants are presented and then if agreed we prepare a package of landscape related information for submitting to the Local Authority.

Landscaping Scheme for planning usually includes:

  • Analysis and assessment of existing landscape 

  • General landscape design presenting arrangement of hard and soft landscaping areas and structures with indication of type of proposed planting and hardscape materials 

  • Rendered masterplan of the site 

  • Boundary treatment

  • Management of existing vegetation (removal or retention)

  • Soft landscaping specification that includes: 

    •  Planting plan - detailed arrangement of plants

    •  Planting schedule (proposed species, their size, density, growth rate and character)

    •  Ground preparation and planting procedures 

    •  Plants establishment procedures

    •  Planting maintenance schedule 

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