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large tiered garden with patio, pergola, retaining walls and colorful planting
top level of the garden with large round water feature, lawn and semi circular pergola with swing chars above the decking
layout of round garden with few lwvwls and steps
layout of round garden with water feature


Wembley, London


by K Studio 


A high gradient slope in this garden required multiple levels in order to comfortably integrate lawns, patio and planting areas. The design includes four different levels with dedicated functions. A large patio with built-in corner bench and lounge area for entertaining takes the lowest part of the garden. To incorporate existing retaining walls, another two levels were designated to rich, colourful planting that wraps steps and centre focal point of the garden - a large water feature. Lastly, top level forms a relaxation zone, that combines decked area with pergola and a lawn surrounded by architectural planting. 

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