Planting scheme should be designed to fit into particular site conditions. Broad horticulture knowledge and experience are essential tools to create beautiful planting that will complement the design and bring interest throughout the year. Creation of interesting play between colour, form and texture is K Studio speciality.

Either formal, modern or wildlife friendly, naturalistic or mixture of styles we can make it work at the level of excellency.  

Planting scheme includes:

  • Planting plan 

Showing position of plants on scaled plan  


  • Planting schedule 

List of plants labeled accordingly to planting plan with names, sizes and quantities required


  • Planting  mood boards

Presented as a collection of photos of the proposed plants 

  • Maintenance and care schedule 

 If required maintenance schedule can be prepare with instructions and recommendation for after planting care to ensure proper growth and vitality of the plants

moodboards plants front2.jpg