Tivoli Road was a great opportunity to create an urban oasis for our client. Semi-circular patio area in the centre of the garden works as a sun trap. This was created using a beautiful dark grey, clay pavers. Curved gravel pathway leads from the patio to the house and the front garden. All the areas are surrounded by lush borders including topiary shrubs and pleached trees on the left hand side of the garden, Magnolia Grandiflora trees at the rear and two stunning multi-stem Amelanchiers sitting either side of the patio giving symmetry to the garden. Three sides of the brick walls were painted in dark grey colour to give an element of sophistication and to highlight the lime green, white and blue tonal plants so that they bounce off the walls and create a contrast throughout the changing seasons. Exterior wall of the house got dressed with a semi-circular planting bed with addition of stainless wires, patterned in a diamond shape, to add another dimension and soften the back wall of the house. This is a prime area to enjoy a relaxing evening with a well deserved G&T!

Back garden

Bayswater, London

Completed: September 2021

Photos: Sep. 2021