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large driveway made fom slabs and grass between surronded by tropical planting
red lipstick palms in flower bed in the fron garden
visualisation of tropical front garden with palms and colorful planting
large mansion driveway surronded by tropical garden
tropical vibrant planting in front of the house
large house with grand slab driveway with grass and vibrant planting including palms


Lagos, Nigeria


by K Studio 


In order to create a long lasting impression for visitors this  holiday property in Nigeria required a strong consideration of climate and outside the box approach.

The driveway, designed to accommodate several cars had to feel open and airy so that it did not seem too heavy or solid. To achieve this, paving slabs were interspersed with groundcover plants.

Native species of plants are layered to create visual interest and bring a sense of wow factor to the garden. The Queens, Sago and Red Lipstick Palms make a statement, while banana plants and foxtail ferns bring subtle delicacy to the whole space. All topped up with electrifying colours of Birds of Paradise, Coleus and Croton.

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