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Lingfield, Surrey 

Completed: Aug 2021

Photos: July 2022 

by Kate @kstudio

& Anna Omiotek- Tott

The goal of this garden was to take our clients on two different journeys: real one through the garden and a trip down the memory lane by bringing a hint of tropical ambiance from their homeland. There are numerous seating areas ranging from the main patio to rounded, warm lounging to more intimate corner for reflexion and reading. Unconventional mix of paths leading to different zones made from varieties of porcelain stone sizes, shapes and layouts guiding and encouraging exploration around the garden. 

The tropical element is expressed through the use of vibrant colors, textures, and composition of plants. The garden is planted with plenty of evergreen species to create an architectural structure while lush green grasses and colourful perennials add depth and contrast throughout the seasons.

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