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Bespoke Garden Feature

K Studio offers bespoke design of: 

  • water features

  • sculptures

  • pergolas and gazebos

  • benches and outdoor furniture 

  • lighting features

  • screening and trellising solutions 

  • wall art features 

  • outdoor kitchens ​

  • outdoor fireplaces and pits

We work closely with local craftsmanship companies and engineers to ensure that even the wildest concept is achievable to bring that wow factor into the landscape.

Beautiful bespoke garden feature can add a touch of luxury to any outdoor space. 

Love for bespoke garden features can be seen in many K Studio creations. Our projects showcase different elements which result from our desire to give each space individuality. We bring a designer's imagination and an engineer's mind together creating these bespoke pieces, making sure that each structure can enhance the space where it is placed. Attentiveness to detail is what allows us to design structural elements that leave lasting impressions. 

We enjoy working with different materials, such as wood, stone, metal, glass and lights and explore integration between them. 

We are passionate about modern sculpture, but we also delve into different aspects of construction and product design. 

herringbone pattern built-in garden beench
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