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K Studio is a versatile Landscape Design Consultancy that creates unique, beautiful and practical outdoor spaces 

The convenience and utility of a built environment harmoniously combined with the innate benefits of the natural world is the driving force behind K Studio Landscape Architecture & Garden Design.

As people’s lives get busier and busier, and cities get bigger and bigger, it is becoming increasingly difficult to protect and maintain the green spaces which offer respite from the urban sprawl, be they public areas, commercial sites, or private gardens. Garden designers at work in cities like London are frequently engaged to downsize natural features in favour of home extensions or paved driveways. But with clever and creative landscape planning, a London front garden or communal space can be designed to be practical, while retaining its flora and visual appeal.

An excellent horticulture knowledge, landscape construction and artistic design skills are all vital qualities for a landscape architect. Our job involves not only visualising how a space could look and function, but also knowing how to make it a reality. When you work with K Studio Landscape Architecture & Garden Design, you will be presented with options which have been thoroughly thought out, both in terms of engineering works and the natural elements of the scheme.

While the groundworks are a permanent installation, the plant life which completes each of our projects will change and develop throughout the seasons. As landscape designers we see this potential for growth, not as a disruption to be constrained, but as part of the creative process which makes every one of our works unique and memorable.

By building values such as environmental sustainability into all our projects, we can positively transform any site, from front garden designs to parks and commercial premises. If you want to work with forward-thinking landscape architects, West Dulwich-based landscape design consultancy K Studio Landscape Architecture & Garden Design is waiting for your call. Contact us.

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