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Garden design is a creative process rooted in the observation and understanding of the relationship between people and the natural world. 

Every garden is unique – and we want to keep it that way.  Whether it's a modest front driveway or a grand multifunctional rear garden, a well designed space enhances property value and and creates atmospheric surroundings to enjoy.

We work our magic to transform ideas into practical outdoor space for you and your family.

The client's brief and our site assessment determine the particular components of your garden design proposal. We guide you through stages of the process that are relevant for your project.

Initial consultation 

A quick friendly chat about your requirements and needs and any garden issues you wish to solve - this helps us to understand the style and ambiance of your beautiful garden to be, that we will be creating together.


Site survey and analysis

We will pay you a visit to get a feel of the space itself and the surroundings, as it is important to be aware of everything that will influence your garden. We take measurements and check soil quality. We then analyse all the components to create the best design for you.


Design concept 

We present you with two concept drawings of the proposed layout, supported by: mood boards with planting style, hard landscaping materials, features, and decorative elements.   

Tender documentation

Hard and soft landscaping specification for construction and quotation purposes.

A package of drawings that provides all information, that will allow any contractor to quote and build from. 


Garden lighting and irrigation plans

If your project requires lighting solutions and irrigation system, we will provide you with the respective plans and specifications.


3D rendered visualisations  

If you feel like you need something extra to help you understand the space and scale of it, we can create 3D realistic rendered visualisations and we can discuss that option further down the process, but as a more cost-effective solution we are always happy to draw few quick sketches to help with that. 

Final design

Is based on one of the proposed layouts or elements picked from both. This will include: colour master plan, scaled layout plan as well as mood boards with materials and features.


Planting scheme 

Planting plan with planting schedule and mood boards exhibiting proposed species as well as maintenance schedule, if required.  


Construction and detailed drawings 

Detailed drawings of hard landscaping elements to provide accurate construction information.

If your project includes complex bespoke features, we will discuss this with you further at the concept stage of the process.

tree fern and rich planting arround meandering stone and gravel path

Project management 

K Studio can take on the whole project or just do the design. We can help obtain quotations from landscaping companies, perform quality checks, and liaise with landscapers, suppliers, and other professionals ensuring smooth management. What remains for you, is the great pleasure of watching your beautiful garden to be to take shape.


Garden Décor - Little extra for that massive wow effect! 

Attention to detail goes a long way in creating an overall coherent and visually harmonious space. We are always happy to have these conversations and we love to bounce off our client’s personality. Furniture, pots, sculptures, outdoor art, cushions and lighting elements can immensely enhance the ambiance of your garden and give it that wow effect.

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