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Planting is an artform, using plants as raw material to create beautiful and magnificent works of horticultural world.

planting presenting erigeron karviskianus, topiary ball and white flowering hydrangea at the back

A well thought out planting design will set the tone for any garden, creating a beautiful scenery to enjoy. 
We can help with design ideas and suggest elements that work well together as a part of cohesive plan to create multiple season displays. 

We love to create greenery that expresses an imaginative visual play between colour, form and texture just as nature does.Our broad horticulture knowledge and experience allows us to create a great range of different planting schemes tailored to different site conditions.

Planting is more than just flowers and trees. It can add sense of wonder and help us explore the natural world in ways we never could before. 

Planting schemes are presented as a package including:

Planting plan 

Showing position of plants on scaled plan  


Planting schedule 

List of plants labelled accordingly to planting plan with names, sizes and quantities required


Planting mood boards

Collection of photos of the proposed plants 

Maintenance and care schedule 

If required maintenance schedule can be prepared with instructions and recommendations for after planting care to ensure proper growth and vitality of the plants

planting colour scheme board presenting selction of green, purple and pink plants
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