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The appearance of a business premises is extremely important in the current competitive market. The way a business presents itself to customers can have a significant impact on how they feel about the brand and be vital to its success.

At K Studio, we understand that effective commercial landscape design must be more than just a pretty addition to your business. It's important to create a landscape that reflects the identity of a business, attracts clients with its welcoming ambiance and enhances building architecture—while also being sustainable. 

We infuse a unique and memorable experience into every commercial outdoor space we design by bringing the nature closer to people through innovative and environmentally conscious designs.

We help businesses to maximise potential of their outdoor spaces by creating visually striking landscapes, gardens, and planting schemes. 

We turn any space into a thriving green hub of activity - from retail premisses, offices, hotels and leisure facilities to luxury restaurant outdoor dining experience and quirky pub gardens. Our creative approach to integrate aesthetics and practicality not only allows us to design efficiently great spaces but also adds flawless, intentional green freshness and sense of nature-human synergy. We understand how people use and engage with the space, which helps us to create inviting environments that encourage spending time there and create memorable experience.


Outdoor spaces have become increasingly important for the hospitality industry. 

It’s usually the first thing people see when they walk into the premisses, so well organised and impressively designed pub or restaurant garden can be one of the biggest selling points. 

The more attractive and functional an outdoor space is, the more customers it will attract.

A great pub, restaurant or café garden design begins with creating a clear vision of how you want to make your guests feel, what style fits best with your brand, and careful consideration of all the practical aspects.

Satisfying your customers is a matter of more than just serving delicious food and great drinks —it's about providing them with an experience that will make them want to come back again and again.

K Studio can help you to do just that by designing a spectacular outdoor space where functionality meets great aesthetics. A space where every element is carefully considered from comfortable seating, lighting, and heating to the planting scheme and decorative elements that infuses it with a touch of sophistication.

This will not only add a great personality to the establishment but will also create a relaxed atmosphere where people can truly enjoy themselves. 


The way people think about workplaces is changing dramatically in the modern post-covid reality.

Many companies are converting their offices into workspaces that seamlessly transition between indoor and outdoor environments. If a workspace is designed with sustainable and functional outdoor space in mind, then it is sure to benefit its employees and clients. 

K Studio with its creative design approach to office outdoor spaces can transform any courtyard or terrace into beautiful gardens filled with greenery, providing an ideal environment for brainstorming sessions or impromptu meetings. Not even mentioning that great little oasis for your team to relax during lunch breaks.

We know that creating great outdoor office spaces can improve both the environment of your workplace and create an image for your company that reflects positively on all aspects of its business.

A greener environment not only makes people happier and more productive, but also improves their creativity. Isn’t that what every company needs?


At K Studio we believe that great landscape designs for new developments not only infuses greenery into architecture that compliments it, but also creates greater integration between architecture and nature.

Our innovative approach to create great outdoor spaces for people is much more than just enhancing the surroundings. We look at the nature as an integral part of our everyday lives that greatly influences our wellbeing. We believe that sustainable solutions and original ways of bringing nature and biodiversity to our cities is a tool for building better future. 

Creating a greener, more joyful, and inspiring environment is not only an obligation to ourselves and communities but also our planet.

K Studio is passionate about creating landscape designs that work for and with people and nature. 

We provide landscape schemes for architects, property developers and building corporations that not only add the value to the property itself but greatly benefits the environment. Our experience enables us to be both creative and adventurous, but always within the bounds of planning requirements

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