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Landscape design for gardens in a conservation area can become more technical due to specific rules set by the local council or estate. Specific regulations might apply to garden outbuildings, outdoor recreation facilities and boundaries. However, the most common challenge that our clients are facing is to give their front garden a fresh look. The key to achieve beautiful front of the property and gain planning permission is to create a balance between practicality and aesthetics.  


At K Studio we take all the factors into consideration and offer the very best solutions to make a garden more attractive and inviting. In our designs we often include bike and bin storages to conceal unsightly objects that are surrounded by lush low maintenance plants, which perfectly harmonize hard and soft landscaping elements. Same applies to creating parking spaces, which in restricted urban areas are at a premium. With this in mind, we always seek out optimal and creative solutions to turn the front area into attractive and environmentally- friendly space that our clients are proud to show off.


We strongly believe that the simplest and quickest way to gain planning permission is to design your garden around the rules and constraints that are before us!

small driveway with vibrant plants and parking space
large front garden on a slope with cube topiary plants and large trees for privacy screening
formal contemporary front garden with topiary trees, grasses and ferns
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