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As urban areas expand it is essential to cultivate green spaces that harmoniously balance practicality with nature. The driving force behind K Studio Landscape Architecture & Garden Design is to bring elegance and utility to your outdoor space.

Our studio offers landscape and garden design services for domestic and commercial clients in East Dulwich and surrounding areas.

We follow newest trends in horticulture, garden and product design which we creatively incorporate in our work through bespoke garden features and beautifully formed planting schemes.

K Studio delivers original garden layouts which create visually stunning surroundings that use state-of-the-art installations while reflecting the style of your home. Combining artistic flair with years of experience within industry allows us to bring unique and dynamic landscape architecture work to our clients.

You can learn more about us and our garden designs in East Dulwich on our website. To see examples of our work, you can view our portfolio and find inspiration from our projects such as a Wildlife Friendly Garden and Cosy Entertaining Garden.

If you want to work with landscape architects that value sustainability and art of nature, please contact us.

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