Every garden is different, as well as every client has different requirements.

Whether it is a small garden that needs new planting scheme or large multifunctional landscape with bespoke features and hard landscaping elements. A well thought-out design is the key to make all ideas become reality, that will bring the joy of beautiful and practical outdoor space for years to come. 


Complexity of a project and the design proposal is based on client’s brief and site assessment. Stages and components of garden design are presented below:  


  • Initial consultation 

Conversation about clients' requirements, style of the garden and atmosphere it should create. 

Portfolio of previous work is presentenced as a form of reference and guidance.   


  • Site survey and analysis

Measurement of the garden and analysis of all existing elements that will form the base for the constraints and opportunities for the beautiful garden to be. 


  • Design concept 

Included are two scalled CAD (line drawings) garden layouts supported by mood boards to present planting style, proposed hard landscaping materials, features and decorative elements.    


  • Final design  

Include colour master plan based on one of the proposed layouts or consolidation of both; scalled setting out plans, visuals and mood boards with materials and features.


  • Planting scheme 

Includes planting plan with planting schedule and mood boards presenting proposed species as well as maintenance schedule, if required.  


  • Construction and detailed drawings 

Includes drawings of hard landscaping elements in detail to provide accurate information about the construction to result in the outcome as designed. 


  • Lighting and irrigation plans 

Garden lighting solutions, including plan and specification of products. 

Irrigation system proposal, including plan and specifications. 


  • Tender documentation

Includes full hard and soft landscaping specification for construction quotation purposes. 


  • Project management 

Management of design into fully functioning, beautiful garden space plays a crucial role in the whole process. To make sure that the whole process run smoothly management is the key.

K Studio can help with obtaining quotation from landscaping companies, check on quality, liaise with landscapers, suppliers and other professionals assuring that the client is left only with great pleasure of watching their beautiful garden take shape. 


  • Little extra for that wow effect 

Attention to detail is crucial in garden design.  Every single tiny element of the garden plays important role in the overall coherent and visually harmonious space. From the fabric and colour of the cushions on your outdoor sofa to a grand sculpture that creates a focal point in the garden. 

We call this process garden decoration. Choosing the right pots, furniture or lighting elements and making sure that is either making a grand statement or blends flawlessly within scheme.

Designer eye might come to help with this, as adding those little finishing touches might seem small in overall grandiose scheme of garden build, but it can immensely influence ambience of the space and the way it is received and how influences our senses.

We always thrive to add little extra that creates that wow effect and make a garden feel and look special. Love for bespoke designed features is very often seen through our designs, because we feel every garden should have its own individual character.

K Studio can do it all for you, either source or design bespoke elements.